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How to Choose the Bathroom Vanity for YOU

Traditional/Antique Bathroom Vanities

These gorgeous bathroom vanities and cabinets hearken back to a more aristocratic time. They are usually crafted with darker wood and have ornate workmanship including carvings, accents, and hand painted designs.

Transitional Bathroom Vanities

These bathroom vanities take the best ideas from traditional and modern style without being too showy, working with moth décor styles. They usually feature simpler structure and design with solid colors and smoother lines.

Modern/Contemporary Bathroom Vanities

For those looking for cleaner and bolder looking bathroom vanities, modern is the way to go. They tend to be more angular with straight forward, sometimes out of this world designs.

Unique Bathroom Vanities

Unleash your creative side with these exciting one of a kind bathroom vanities. Choose one of these if you have an eclectic style or you want to have a conversation piece. These are all curated by our design team to bring you the most interesting pieces around.