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Palladian Collection Curio Cabinet

The curio cabinets have become necessary for any house whether it is decorated in the traditional, contemporary or modern style. Today in fact they are considered the main attractions in the living rooms. Any guest gets interested in these beautiful pieces of home furniture and the items that are kept on display on them. One of the most beautiful curios in the market is the Palladian Collection Curio.

The design and form is beautiful however, the Palladian Collection Curio features quality as well. The frame having the dimensions of 40"W X 14"D X 80" is made from the high quality northern white oak hardwood. The use of this wood for the frame makes it durable and long lasting. Moreover, all the joints are triple-reinforced which provides additional strength to it. The frame is given a rich natural oak finish.

Apart from the frame only the back, top and bottom are made from wood. While the front i.e. door and both the sides are made from glass. The shelves as well are made from glass. The glass used is off good quality and can bear the weight of the items you will keep on these shelves. Moreover, as all these parts are made from glass, the inner display items are easily viewable.

The front of Palladian Collection Curio is beautifully designed. It is divided into several windows. Centrally the two-way sliding door is present which offers good access to the items kept on display. This door is lockable as well and therefore you can keep your items secured.

The glass shelves, which extend from the one side to the other see to be divided because of the windows in the front. Because of this, over all, if we look at the Palladian Collection Curio from the front it sees to be comprising or separate and well-organized compartments. Such a structure with the light and bright colored oak finish and the beautiful items, which you will be keeping in it for display, will just allure anybody.

The Palladian Collection Curio has a good lighting arrangement as well. Two halogen lights can be fixed right at the top. As the shelves are made from glass the light will pass right up to the last shelf as well. Moreover, the mirrored back will reflect the light on the items which ads up their illumination. Moreover, the natural light also can enter from the three sides, which comprise mostly of glass.

Thus, the Palladian Collection Curio has most of the features that a curio should have. Therefore having it for your house can be a very good choice.